YCM TCV3000A-5AX 5axes

Brand: YCM

Type: TCV3000A-5A 5 assen

Year: 11-2014

Control: Heidenhain

X-axis: 3000 mm

Y-axis: 800 mm

Z-axis: 800 mm

Only 3000 program hours

Weight: 24700 kg

Bed size: 3500 mm x 800 mm

T-slots: 18mm (M16)

Number of T: 7

Distance of T-slots: 100 mm

Speed: 10 to 15000 rpm

Additional 4e axis on table

Max. workpiece (weight): 3000 kg. 1200 kg on the turntable

Holder type: BBT-40

Interchangeable tools: 80 pcs

Bedding: Fixed in X: Y and Z. Turntable C in the bed


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